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Barons provides services that enhance the clients ability to make timely business decisions that are specifically designed to meet unique needs in a cost efficient manner.

Out-sourcing functional tasks to trusted specialized service firms is an effective resource to enable company growth. It creates savings, as projects are not permanent costs, and the process is designed to be absorbed into the existing client infrastructure with minimal disruption.

Barons offers to its clients successful “turn-key” programs , which includes duediligent oversight and direction being provided by the client. At the time of completion the project is turned over to the client which will enable focus on key objectives and market growth.

Barons role depending on the assignment set by management, is to investigate, disclose, submit detailed recommendations and implement changes approved by the client or direct the client’s to specialists within the areas identified.

Barons does not offer reviews or audited financial statements which is restricted to and licensed by the CPA (Chartered Professional Accountants). Our basic scope of work is restricted to the preparation of client provided data into informative standard internal financial reports in accordance with GAAP, financial analysis reports, compliance reviews, appropriate tests for reasonability, comparison year data, appropriate financial ratios, full detailed schedules on Assets and Liabilities and reports on any major differences that may result year to year. If the client requires a review or audit Barons will be happy, to direct them to an appropriate licensed practice with the working papers and reports created by Barons during their assignment.

Some of the key services we provide but are not limited to are: